Thursday, April 21, 2005

some things are just amusing...

The other day at school I was futzing around with stuff on my cart and a teacher in the "tenement" (where several of us non-classroom teachers - or at least our carts - have been placed) was talking with a student who needed to have some baby teeth removed. She called me in to chat about it, considering my recent experience with teeth. The kids and I chatted about it, and the topic of the Tooth Fairy came up. I mentioned, tongue firmly planted in cheek, that I had wanted to ask my oral surgeon for my teeth so that the Tooth Fairy would come, and several kids gave me their feedback on the idea: (paraphrased)

Student #1 - "You would have gotten $4!"
Student #2 - "You would have gotten $16!" (4x4)
Student #3 - "You would have gotten, like, at least $50!" (my guess is that grown-up teeth are worth more to the TF?)

I like student #3's opinion. I then mentioned that I thought the oral surgeon kept them for himself so he could collect on the money. All students assured me that the Tooth Fairy would know that the teeth were not his and that there would be nothing but teeth left under his pillow in the morning. ;)

Before I forget.... These two websites are really funny. I found them from reading LJC. Both made me laugh on a day when I was much more apt to cry. Enjoy!

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