Wednesday, April 06, 2005

So what am I, really?

While at the Auto Show, I took a quiz from Land Rover to discover my AQ- Adventure Quotient. They told me I was Passionate Investigative Pioneer. I went to the site yesterday to investigate and took the test again. This time it was longer and more thorough. I found out that I am really a Inward Inspirational Seeker, whose secondary AQ is the P.I.P.

Here are the descriptions:

Having the AQ of an Inward Inspirational Seeker, you are interested in the internal rewards adventure has to offer. You seek the emotional rush more than the physical when engaging in exciting pursuits.
Your style of adventure is unique because you emphasize improving the self through experience - you are not interested in the instant gratification that adventure can bring. As your name suggests, you seek inspiration from within, not from sources outside of yourself.
You learn best by placing yourself in new situations - stretching your comfort zone helps you develop a clearer picture of who you really are. You are a rare breed who places equal importance on having physical and mental adventures - you are conscious of their distinct benefits. As a thinker and experiencer, you take precautions before engaging in potentially dangerous activities. Above all, Inward Inspirational Seekers are interested in the intrinsic rewards all adventure has to offer - peace of mind, perspective and personal growth.
Traits: curious, open-minded, low-maintenance, cautious, sensation-seeking.

The AQ of a Passionate Investigative Pioneer is that of a classic adventure seeker. When people think about adventurous personalities, this combination of traits is exactly what they envision. This AQ is spontaneous, energetic and broad-minded. P.I.P.'s are willing to forgo comfort for the sake of experience. They want to touch, taste, smell and see all there is, and nothing much that can stop them. The pioneering spirit is something that also separates this AQ from others. They don't rely on trends or guides in deciding where to go and what to do. This AQ is one of the rare few that can feel comfortable in any situation.
Secondary AQ traits: courageous, spontaneous, low-maintenance, sensation-seeking, curious, open-minded, energetic, extroverted.

Comment below and tell me if you think this is a good discription of me. Take the test yourself and then let me know what you are, if you want! :)

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