Sunday, August 28, 2005

Daisy, Harry and Charlotte

Hello from Massachusetts! After a slight snafu this morning in terms of helping Mom with the stupid phone system at work (which ended up not working anyway! grr!) I headed up here and after a short time, the Woods and I headed into Boston. First was a quick tour of the Otis House, where Becky works. It was both educational and enjoyable!
Next, we wanted to go up in the Helium baloon in the Common, but it was too windy, so instead we went to eat at a place called B.Good, which is an unusual eatery in which I enjoyed an Asian chicken sandwich. Since it was still windy and the baloon was unavailable in such weather, we went to the Skywalk at the Prudential Tower - I'd never been! It really is a beautiful view, and I reccomend the children's audio tour instead of the adult one - much more entertaining and informative!
After that, we wandered down to the Hatch Shell and found ourselves a surprise - a teenybopper concert with Jesse McCartney. Picture a large crowd of screaming girls of various ages (and their parents) and all that entails. Then you might have an idea of our excitement. (The title of my post comes from the names we chose to scream out when Jesse asked everyone to introduce themselves simultaneously),
After all the pop music we could handle, it was back to Beverly to watch Ray, via Netflix. A very good film, and not just because I am a music person. Very strong.

After such fun, I am tres tired. Enough for today! More tomorrow...

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