Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Feel like you just don't fit in??

...well, do I have the book for you! I was shopping at one of our friendly local B&N stores on Sunday, and found an irrestistable book on the super-bargain-clearance table. Although I have read only the first few pages, I am confident to recommend.... Think You're the Only One? Oddball Groups Where Outsiders Fit In by Seth Brown. It takes you through various groups, societies, organizations, etc. of people who are a little quirky in their interests. Here are a few of the groups represented in the book. Trust me, it is worth a read (and a laugh!), and you might find yourself a new group of friends in the process!

One of the highly funny things about it is that one of my friends, Marisa, bought the exact same book on the exact same day for the exact same price... a whopping 99 cents! Woo hoo! We rock! :)

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