Thursday, August 25, 2005

mid-week update

Hi there! :) Just figured I'd drop in a few lines about my past few days...

Tuesday was tremendous fun, although sticking to the plan wasn't completely in order! We left here around two-something and made fine time down to G.A. - to find it quite crowded. We decided to leave the park and come back as it was getting dark in the hopes that the crowds would dwindle. This meant a sidetrip was in order, so we went to Turkey Swamp Park, and wandered around a lovely trail there.
Back at the (amusement) park, it was still crowded. We managed only one coaster - the Great American Scream Machine (a G.A. classic), because everything had 60-90+ minute waits! We wandered some and then decided, instead, to get some food. So off to a quite-late-night dinner it was, then to the beach and slurpees.
Wednesday brought some more gorgeous weather and the opportunity to spend some time in the sun! We went to Point Pleasant (check out the "surf cam"!) and wandered around, playing Skeeball, going to the Fun house, eating Fried Oreos (see below!), and seeing the rehearsal for an outdoor orchestra concert (Opera favorites, with soloists) that was last night!

A very fun few days - a necessary break from the "real world" for some adventures. :)

...and before I forget, a few words on commenting. I love getting comments on my blog. Keep doing it - they make me happy! Sometimes I will respond to the person either verbally or via email, sometimes I'll respond to comments in the form of a post, and lately I've been commenting back, in the comment section, below the person who commented in the first place.

To respond to Marisa's comments from the previous post:
1. Fried Oreos are really yummy. They are like Zeppoli with Oreos in the middle. The Dough gets all crunchy and hot, and the Oreo inside gets all melty. Cover those babies in powdered sugar (which ends up all over you, especially when eaten outside on a windy day!!) and they are very good. The only place that I know that makes them is on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant, right in the whole Jenkinson's area. But a serving of five Oreos is enough for two people, in my opinion, so I'd say order one serving and then if you're loving them and want more, get more.
2. I don't have a digital camera, but I plan on taking a pic of the sweater tonight. I'll hook up with someone with a scanner and try to post it so I can show it off. I'm quite proud of my accomplishment! :)

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