Monday, August 15, 2005

My weekend

Friday, I didn't really do anything, at least not memorable. (?)
Saturday, I did some crazy cleaning in the oppressive heat, and then spent the rest of the day having fun - Matt and I had lunch at the Iron Horse, then decided to go and have some fun at Sportsworld (indoor. A/C. need I say more?) - but ended up on two interesting distractions on the way. The first caused us to follow a sign that said "Albums - $1". We found the street and house, and walked up to an open garage. In it was nothing but a table with two boxes. The large box held a collection of records. The small box was labeled "Album money." We left with two. Then, still on the way, we found a second sign - this one for a tag sale. We decided to take another chance, and ended up at a rather fascinating house. It looked like it was a comfortable size from the outside, but upon inspection it was found to be huge! The stuff was all over the house, so we were able to explore bedrooms, living areas, an interesting game room and retro basement. Another stack of albums were loaded into the car, along with a few other items such as some really old-school cameras and old board-games. Then it was off to the most challenging 9 holes of mini golf I've played yet! Sportsworld's course is inside, which puts it on a smaller scale than most, but they make up for it with evil terrain. Between that and the puppet-style bowling game, a good time was had!
Sunday afternoon brought some errand-running for Matt, but I ended up tagging along for fun. We ended up at the very crowded PPP, and wandered and accomplished what was needed just as a huge storm rolled in. After some Mongolian Barbecue for dinner, we hung out a bit before calling it a weekend... a good weekend. :)

The one darkspot on the weekend was my poor Mommy - she fell at work on Thursday and has been miserable and quite sore. A trip to the ER on Saturday assured us that she didn't break any ribs, but that doesn't mean she's not in a lot of pain. Bruised and sore and generally feeling icky is not fun! :(

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