Thursday, August 11, 2005

Shopping, eating, playing, movie-ing

My friend Alisa and I hung out this evening - she had a random day off of work, and so did I! (Well, perhaps mine wasn't so random in the sense that all of my days at the moment are sans work!) We met up and headed out to the local mecca of money-spending and wandered a bit before eating at Dave and Buster's and playing some games. It has become something of a habit with us - lately, we've gone to enjoy meals and play games there on several occasions. She is the queen of video poker, let me tell you - in today's visit alone, she amassed over 1000 tickets! Impressive! I, supposedly, think too much and don't just play on impulse, as she does - which means I end up with far fewer tickets to redeem.
Then it was off to wander a bit more before going to see Must Love Dogs, which was a cute chick-flicky-date kind of movie, which strangely enough came with a 1 month free membership to - they are prominently featured in the film. The movie was cute and I enjoyed it, but if one is wanting to see a movie about people falling in love and the internet, this one is by far superior. (Not that I'm biased!) :)

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