Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Love and Roller Coasters

Today, my friend Marisa posted about the subjects above. I agree with her musings, although I am sad to hear her vent. :(

To briefly comment on the subject(s) myself, I will state that I am in favor of love. Sure, it can be hard sometimes, but the gifts that real love gives tip the scale every time. It comes in the shapes and forms of many different people in our lives, sometimes surprises you, and helps to make us all better people - perhaps the people we are meant to be. I say we all try to gather up as much as we can, although not to keep it selfishly, but to give it to others! :)

...and on the subject of roller coasters, I must say that I am in favor of them as well. I'm not picky - all shapes and sizes, wooden or steel, flipping or not. In fact, I hope to visit some of these coasters next week. Yay. :)

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