Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Massachusetts, part 2

I just realized that I'd forgotten to talk about the rest of my trip!

On Sunday, the Woods and I went to Chunky's, a "cinema pub," to see The Brothers Grimm. It's a fun experience - I wish we had a theatre like that at home!

We hung out in the evening, popping in the DVD of a personal favorite - Shrek 2, and eating homemade watermelon sherbet. (yummy stuff!)

Yesterday, I drove home, but not before making a brief stop at Building 19 in Burlington. A bargain girl like me cannot resist such a stop! And, of course, I arrived in NJ with 12 1-liter bottles of Polar Seltzer... how could I be there and not buy some? :) Unfortunately they didn't have all of the flavors that you see at the website, but they did have a new one I'm curious about - pomegranate. And I'm still wondering about mint, but that one will have to wait until I find it in stock. Maybe I'll just have to take another trip soon!

And before I forget again, here's a link to pictures from Saturday. Don't you wish you'd been there, too? ;)

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