Monday, August 22, 2005

Fun and busy-ness ahead

This week is going to be busy. I'm going to hit the ground running and have a lot of fun while I do it!

Monday in iteself, doesn't quite call for fun. I have to go to the dentist for a checkup. But I'll call it fun if he says that I have no cavities, since I get sparkly clean teeth, a toothbrush and some floss in the process.
Tuesday will be fun. I'm going to Six Flags! Woo hoo! Screaming my head off!
Wednesday also will be fun. The shore is calling - skeeball, ocean, fried oreos (supposedly amazing?) and whatnot. Hurrah!
Thursday... well, don't know yet. Maybe recovering from the past two days. Or maybe some more fun... only time will tell.
Friday brings the possibility of lunch with a friend and the subsequent passing off of my latest knitting project to her little cutie, Lauren Grace (see a cute pic of her in the archives!) and such an outing would definately be considered fun.
Saturday and Sunday will find me trekking up to the north shore of Massachusetts, to see these fun folks., if you don't hear from me much this week, you know why. I'm busy having fun! :)

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